Supplement Ingredient Technology

Enhancing Natural Health Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Ultra-concentrated plant, fruit and botanical actives

  • Extensive discovery platform to identify novel ingredients, compounds and bioactives from around the world with unique sourcing stories.
  • Computational chemistry and molecular modeling to discover new bioactive plant compounds and related targets.
  • Utilization of the most advanced analytical chemistry instrumentation to identify, validate ingredient sources and quantify key compounds.

Making nature more effective

  • Innovative R&D process that includes creating specialized stability-enhancing systems and unique delivery systems to enhance efficacy and promote brand loyalty.
  • Utilizing the most advanced analytical chemistry instrumentation, used to identify and validate ingredient sources and quantify key compounds.
  • Proprietary custom in-silico screening and small molecule discovery platform

  Multiple proprietary extraction methods

  • Advanced extraction methods ensure maximum isolation of key bioactives while retaining the plant’s natural matrix. Combined with our proprietary in-silico and biological testing processes, it allows us to provide pure raw ingredients with customized plant composition profiles.
  • Precision in analytical chemistry to identify, validate and molecular fingerprint plant sources and their unique compositions (FTIR, HPTLC, TLC, HPLC, UPHPLC, LC/MS, Q-TOF, Maldi-TOF)

Proprietary delivery and stability systems, for superior bioavailability

LipoVantage® Technology

Specialized delivery system that optimizes the solubility, gastro-intestinal permeation and stability of bioactive compounds for improved bioavailability and most importantly health benefits and marketing claims. Phospholipid “bubbles” are used to wrap and carry bioactive compounds to desired tissue with maximum efficacy, all in an easy to formulate with powder!

Microencapsulation technology

Developed specifically to transform highly insoluble compounds from broad spectrum hemp/CBD oil into a water-soluble and dispersible powder. This advanced technology improves bioavailability and palatability by encasing cannabinoids and terpenes to greatly reduces their sharp natural scent and flavor.

Matrixshield® Technology

Our potent berry extracts feature proprietary technology that delivers “whole berry benefits” by protecting polyphenols from breakdown and degradation during extraction and processing. See the difference in a bright, unadulterated powder with a naturally light flavor.

A Vision of Better Health Through Innovation & Differentiation

Founded by a group of innovators, formulators and industry experts driven by passion and purpose, Specnova is recognized globally as a dependable and trailblazing source of branded ingredients that improve and protect human health. By partnering with us, you align your brand with our commitment to nutritional science and traceable plant extracts from around the world to meet consumer trends.

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