TruLiposome® Validation

A Mark of Trust

TruLiposome® Validation is a mark of trust proving our liposomal ingredients have passed rigorous testing standards that validate their integrity as true liposomes.


Rooted in Advanced Science…

Our validation process is rooted in advanced science. We leverage the latest research, technology, and manufacturing techniques to ensure the liposomes in your product are true liposomes and of the highest quality. Third-party validation testing is essential for ensuring the efficacy of liposomal ingredients. We collaborate with top research departments at universities in the United States and a dedicated team of specialized scientists to validate all of our liposomal ingredients. This ensures that they meet all of the key criteria that represent optimal efficacy and performance.

TruLiposome® Validation Criteria

As a company dedicated to elevating the standards of liposomal product manufacturing, Specnova consistently exceeds the expectations of our customers and the consumer. Every batch of our liposomal ingredients is tested which ensures that they meet all of the key criteria that represent optimal efficacy and performance. Those criteria include:

•  The size of the liposomes must be between 100-200 nm
•  The liposomes must have a strong encapsulation
•  The liposomes must be spherical in shape
•  They must be well dispersed and free of leakage

TruLiposome® Validation uses six different cutting edge technologies to verify the defining characteristics of Specnova’s true liposomes:

Dynamic Light Scattering Analysis verifies liposome size, which must be between 100 and 200 nanometers. In this case, smaller is better for increased bioavailability as well as improved stability, thanks to an increased surface-to-volume ratio.

The strength of the liposomal sphere is confirmed by measuring its Zeta Potential. This measures the encapsulation efficiency of the liposome to keep the active ingredient inside and prevent leakage while passing through the acidic environment of the stomach.

The liposome must be spherical and well dispersed, which is tested using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). SEM is used to evaluate the outside of the liposome.

LipoVantage® ingredients are shown to be stable using Cryo Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) images. The image shows that the liposomes are spherical in shape, well dispersed, and there is minimal liposomal debris which might indicate vesical rupture. The core of the liposomal is well defined by the dark portion of the structure.

An Optical Microscope is used to show how easily the formulation disperses.


Powder X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is used to confirm the presence of the various components of the formulation, which will further be confirmed via scanning electron microscope (SEM).

“Trust is the cornerstone of brand loyalty.  In an age where consumer skepticism is high and loyalty is hard-earned, the TruLiposome Verified seal stands as an important tool to build and maintain that trust. We value transparency and are committed to providing you with the best ingredients delivered through cutting-edge science and technology.”

– Sebastian Balcombe, Founder & CEO