We are dedicated to customers seeking proprietary branded best-in-class ingredients.


Discovering new bio-actives in natural ingredients with the research support and follow through you need.
Identifying and discovering new ingredients, compounds and bio-activities and putting them to the test through human clinical trials is our teams passion.
We celebrate where our ingredients come from and you will too. Sustainable and traceable from farm to powder, our ingredients have the best stories.
Our team of innovators, scientists, and industry experts aim to combine the passion for natural ingredients with the most advanced analytical science and latest technological tools.
An ongoing commitment to clinical research to prove out ingredients efficacy and safety. Typical ingredient manufactures spend 1% on most of their revenues on research. At Specnova we spend over 10%. Research/development and innovation is the backbone of Specnova with a continued focus to build out the scientific support and benefits of our branded ingredients.
Our family of ingredients come with unique technologies, stronger benefits and quicker results.
Traceable From Farm to Powder

About Us

SPECNOVA is a biotech company founded in 2017 by a team of innovators, formulators and industry experts with the aim to combine the passion for natural ingredients with advanced modern science. We specialize in developing proprietary, patented branded ingredients, for customers seeking best-in-class nutraceuticals.

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