HempClear® is made from organic, USA-grown hemp oil and produced to contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our proprietary, protective, microencapsulated delivery system renders it water soluble and stable with enhanced bioavailability.

HempClear® —

As the world’s first micro-encapsulated, water soluble, broad spectrum hemp powder, HempClear® is a true breakthrough that overcomes the top challenges in hemp formulations:  Poor solubility, bioavailability, strong taste and odor, and poor stability.

Through our advanced micro-encapsulation technology, the potent yet pungent cannabinoids and terpenes are made palatable to promote customer compliance. Organic and non-GMO, HempClear mixes quickly and disperses evenly in liquids.

The HempClear® Difference—

Broad spectrum hemp/CBD/Terpene oils and CBD isolate powders on the market have very poor solubility and bioavailability and regardless of increasing their dose to offset their shortcomings, many of hemps benefits will never be fully experienced.

But HempClear’s advanced encapsulation/delivery system greatly increases the solubility, bioavailability and stability of the cannabinoids and water soluble terpenes in liquids over time and in a wide range of pH levels.

Plus, unlike isolated, single CBD compounds that offer limited benefits, HempClear® contains a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes and has been authenticated by third-party laboratory’s.

Benefits of HempClear®

  • Supports a calm, relaxed sense of wellbeing without drowsiness
  • Encourages a healthy stress response
  • Promotes a balanced mood

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