LipoVantage® Advanced
Liposomal Technology

Specnova is revolutionizing the efficacy of natural products by taking traditional liposomes to the next level with cutting edge science. Using a proprietary, state-of-the-art delivery system, LipoVantage® improves the effectiveness of natural ingredients. This technology is applicable to nutraceuticals, foods and beverages and offers high bioavailability, solubility and stability in the body.

LipoVantage® Benefits

Increases Functionality

LipoVantage® ingredients are wrapped in protective liposomes to help increase bioavailability, absorption, and stability in the body.


TruLiposome® Validation

4-Step validation process that verifies Specnova liposomes meet all four of the criteria required to be an effective liposomal ingredient. Specnova is the only company to scientifically validate all four liposome requirements!


DualHydrogel® Technology

DualHydrogel® Technology uses specific natural ingredients to wrap the liposome in a protective shield, further increasing stability in the body, bioavailability and shelf life.


Easy Formulation

Free-flowing, water-soluble powder can be formulated into almost anything: Gummies, Capsules, Tablets, Chews, Powders, Functional Foods, or Beverages.


LipoVantage® is the Future of Nutrient Delivery. Give your customers confidence in the products they rely on.

LipoVantage® ingredients
are extremely versatile!

As a free-flowing powder, they are easy to blend and encapsulate and can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with other ingredients. LipoVantage® ingredients are clean, no excipients are added, and they may help mask undesired flavors in functional foods and nutritional powders.