More effective ingredients start with LipoVantage™

LipoVantage™ Liposomal Delivery Technology

LipoVantage™ is a proprietary, state-of-the-art delivery system, applicable to nutraceuticals, foods and beverages, that offers high bioavailability, high potency and high stability. This unique technology uses liposomes in a stable powder form for maximum bioefficacy of the active ingredient.

LipoVantage™ Benefits

Increases Bioavailability –

LipoVantage™ ingredients are wrapped in protective liposomes that are targeted to help the active ingredient get to where it needs to be to work effectively.


Easy Formulation

Free-flowing, water-soluble powder can be formulated into almost anything: Gummies, Capsules, Tablets, Chews, Powders, Functional Foods, or Beverages.

Increases Stability

Highly stable liposomes for better performance in the body, during manufacturing, and on the shelf. LipoVantage™ offers a 2.5 to 3-year shelf life.


LipoVantage™ technology may reduce the cost per serving.

LipoVantage™ is proven to boost bioavailability. Give your customers confidence in the products they rely on.


LipoVantage™ ingredients
are extremely versatile!

As a free-flowing powder, they are easy to blend and encapsulate and can be used as a stand-alone or in combination with other ingredients. LipoVantage™ ingredients are clean, no excipients are added, and they may help mask undesired flavors in functional foods and nutritional powders.