NooGandha® is a university research suported next generation ashwagandha developed to enhance specific withanolide compounds with bioactivities that impact nootropic and cognitive performance benefits.

NooGandha® —

NooGandha® is concentrated in specific withanolide compounds, allowing it to perform differently from any other ashwagandha. The goal with NooGandha® was to focus in and concentrate on specific compounds with nootropic bioactivity and high bioavailability, with less of the compounds that are highly sedative/relaxing, while still retaining the stress support benefit anti-cortisol compounds. Now your favorite adaptogen has additional powerful nootropic benefits to support your cognitive performance in life, at work or in school. It can be taken anytime during the day and pairs perfectly with morning coffee.

Small effective dose

Small and effective 225-400mg dose, once daily for improved cognitive performance and nootropic benefits.


100% Ashwagandha

No carriers, No dairy, No excipients, No maltodextrin. Clean label, 100% ashwagandha. Liposomal and Organic certified options available

NooGandha® – is a new way to experience ashwagandha. —

In addition to its nootropic and cognitive performance benefits, NooGandha® still retains powerful anti-stress/cortisol benefits. Stress support but without the sedative effects common with other ashwagandhas.

In a recent double blind placebo controlled University study, NooGandha® showed the following benefits: 

  • Improved Cognitive flexibility
  • Improved Visual memory
  • Improved Reaction time
  • Improved Psychomotor speed
  • Improved Executive functioning
  • Support Cortisol levels
  • Reduced Perceived stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression and food cravings

A university study on NooGandha® showed only a small 225-400mg once a day dosing is required to be effective using Specnova’s proprietary clean processing and extraction technologies.

Frequently asked questions –

What is a Nootropic?

A nootropic is a substance that enhances cognitive performance, memory and facilitates learning.