NooGandha® – Research Supported Ashwagandha


NooGandha® is a next generation Ashwagandha with a unique compound composition that is research-supported and shown to have novel benefits different from any other ashwagandha in the world.

NooGandha is a specialized cognitive enhancing nootropic focused Ashwagandha that still retains powerful anti-stress/cortisol benefits but is not sedative or relaxing like traditional ashwagandha’s are.

What makes NooGandha unique is not about the level of total ashwagandha withanolides but rather its overall unique compound composition including other classes of bioactive compounds outside the withanolide class such as alkaloids as well as utilizing Ashwagandha’s natural plant matrix components for stability and absorption.

Regardless that NooGandha’s composition is not just about the withanolide class, NooGandha® still has higher total withanolide levels via validated USP-HPLC method than our competitors at 3.5-4% total ashwagandha withanolides.

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NooGandha® —

This new generation of ashwagandha, now offers powerful nootropic benefits to support cognition and alertness at work, in school or in the gym.

NooGandha® contains a high concentration of specific compounds that enable it to perform differently than any other ashwagandha extracts. Our novel process identifies and selects only compounds with elevated nootropic bioactivity and bioavailability to promote cognitive performance and minimize stress, while reducing compounds that are overly sedating.

This ingredient can be taken anytime during the day and pairs perfectly with morning coffee for an extra boost.

Small Effective Dose

Small and effective 225-400mg dose, once daily for improved cognitive performance and nootropic benefits.

100% Ashwagandha

No carriers, No dairy, No excipients, No maltodextrin. Clean label, 100% Ashwagandha.

Liposomal (not 100% ashwagandha) and organic certified (offered in our clean label version) options available.

NooGandha® – the Future of Ancient Ashwagandha —

Pure and potent, Noogandha® delivers the trust of an ancient herbal remedy with the power of science and technology for optimal absorption and unique benefits

In a recent double-blind, placebo controlled, university study, a daily 225-400 mg serving of NooGandha® showed the following benefits:  
  • Elevated mental agility, focus and alertness
  • Enhanced visual memory
  • Increased reaction time
  • Boosted psychomotor speed
  • Improved executive functioning
  • Balanced cortisol levels
  • Reduced feeling of stress and anxiety, and associated food cravings

Specnova uses scientifically advanced and proprietary, clean processing and extraction technologies to support your clean label marketing efforts. Our commitment to purity allows you to provide your customers with premium-quality nutritional supplements at small, clinically effective doses

Frequently asked questions –

What is a Nootropic?

A nootropic is a naturally occurring phytochemical that enhances mental performance and memory, and facilitates learning. Ashwagandha root boasts a high withanolide content, which are the bioactive flavanol compounds that boost cognitive function and promote healthy stress levels.

What is an Adaptogen?

An adaptogen is a potent plant compound that works to counter the effects of emotional stressors, energize the mind and promote a balanced mental state. Ashwaghanda is a natural adaptogenic due to its potent compounds that ease stress without drowsiness.