Liposomes are a fast-growing delivery system that uses microscopic nanoparticles to enrobe nutrients for improved bioavailability. Specnova is leading the way with LipoVantage®, Advanced Liposomal Delivery System. Check out this video from Todd Runestad, content director at Natural Products Insider. In it he interviews Sebastian Balcombe, founder and CEO of Specnova about liposomes and their benefits. Click the link below to watch the video.

Excerpt from the article:

Liposomes are a fast-growing delivery system but they are often misunderstood. They can (but not necessarily) deliver nano-sized particles to cells, where they easily enter to deliver nutrients inside. A liposome offers radically enhanced bioavailability, stability in the body and longer shelf life for supplements. “Liposomes make ingredients perform so much better,” said Sebastian Balcombe, CEO and founder of Specnova, a biotech innovator that markets seven different nutritional ingredients hyperpowered with liposomes. “You can make a superstar ingredient with a liposome around it.”

Specnova conducts weekly experiments at a local university to validate the liposomal advantage—up to eight times heightened bioavailability.

“It’s dramatic,” said Balcombe. “It’s the difference between an ingredient that helps a little bit versus opening the doors.”

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