Performed at Jacksonville University

A four week double blind placebo controlled study with a cross over design was performed on 58 healthy adults(men and women) with a mean age of 34 and who have perceived stress. Each group of subjects ingested either 225mg, 400mg  of NooGandha®  daily or a placebo. This study design, accessed NooGandha® effects on cognitive abilities, cortisol levels, mood, stress, anxiety and food cravings.

Study Results:

  • 225mg or 400mg of NooGandha® taken one time per day for thirty days significantly:
  • Improved cognitive flexibility 225 and 400mg
  • Improved Visual Memory- 400mg
  • Improved Reaction time- 400mg 
  • Improved Psychomotor speed- 225mg and 400mg 
  • Improved Executive functioning- 225mg
  • Decreased Cortisol levels- 225mg and 400mg(reduced but nonsignificant)
  • Improved Perceived stress,  symptoms of anxiety, depression and food cravings 225mg and 400mg

This study suggests that one month of NooGandha® (ashwagandha) supplementation (225 mg/d and 400 mg/d) was safe and well-tolerated and it had a positive effects on the participants cortisol levels, cognitive ability, and self-reported stress, anxiety, depression, and food cravings.