Specnova introduces LipoVantage™, Advanced Liposomal Technology, a proprietary, state-of-the-art delivery system, applicable to nutraceuticals, foods and beverages, that can change the way products are formulated!

Tysons Corner, VA – July 27, 2022 – Specnova continues to make waves in the industry with the introduction of LipoVantage™ Advanced Liposomal Technology. This new delivery system, backed by science, uses protective liposomes in a stable powder form for maximum bioefficacy of the active ingredient.

Liposomes are tiny sphere-shaped structures with an aqueous core that can be filled with a water- or fat-soluble active ingredient. LipoVantage™ uses a proprietary process in combination with an application of gum arabic as a protective coating, to formulate a powder form of phospholipid encapsulation (liposome). The active ingredient is protected inside these layers until it reaches the small intestines for absorption.

Available as a powder, LipoVantage™ Liposomes are easy to formulate with. Liposomes generally come in a liquid form, limiting their use. LipoVantage™ comes in an easy-to-use powder form that can be formulated into many different product types including Gummies, Chews, Functional Foods, Capsules, Tablets, Powders, RTD’s and more.

LipoVantage™ Liposomes are guaranteed with robust testing and stability studies. These studies show optimal size and shape and ensure no liposomal leakage. One test, in particular, Zeta Potential, shows that the ingredient is well protected inside the liposome, which is key to increased bioavailability and stability. Liposomal ingredients have an optimal Zeta Potential and knowing that is key to a well-protected active ingredient. If the Zeta Potential is higher or lower than its intended range, the active ingredient leaks out of the liposome and loses effectiveness.

Custom formulations are also available for many different unique ingredients. LipoVantage™ liposomes are a cost-effective way to formulate a product that is truly effective!

What are the benefits of LipoVantage™?

• Higher bioavailability and improved solubility
• Nano-sized liposomes to maximize solubility and absorption
• Cost-effective – lower doses needed when using LipoVantage™
• Powder format for ease of formulation, blending and encapsulating
• Improved smell and taste characteristics
• 2-3 years of stability

LipoVantage™ Advanced Liposomal Technology was developed by Specnova LLC, a biotech company made up of innovators, scientists, formulators and industry experts with a passion for discovering and developing extraordinary ingredients found in nature. Using the most advanced technologies, Specnova pioneers new ways to discover traceable natural ingredients and develop them into research-backed, proprietary branded ingredients that meet and exceed consumers’ expectations.

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