Ashland has signed an exclusive agreement with natural ingredients biotechnology company Specnova, for its sports ingredient NordicCherry®

“We are thrilled to combine our small molecule discovery platform and deep expertise in natural product compounds with Ashland’s passion for solving and their long-standing speciality ingredients expertise and scale which is unmatched,” said Sebastian Balcombe, CEO and founder of Specnova. “Specnova’s research-supported ingredient combined with Ashland’s innovative and solution-based culture, breadth of capabilities in formula development, delivery systems, analytical chemistry, wide customer reach and more, gives us confidence that NordicCherry will propel to the top of the tart cherry and wellness market.”.

NordicCherry tart cherry extract is a flowable powder that mixes easily in water and is nearly flavourless, allowing easy formulation options for many application types. It is suitable for a wide variety of food, beverages, supplements and nutritional applications. To learn more please contact Specnova today.