GingerT3™ is a Fast-Acting, Fermented, Organic Ginger Extract for Joint Support!

Concentrating key compounds found in ginger allows this high potency ginger extract to inhibit three powerful targets that can cause occasional joint discomfort all in a fast-acting, low dose!

Tysons Corner, VA – June 7, 2022 – Specnova has launched the next generation of mobility and joint health ingredients with its new high potency, organic and fermented GingerT3™ extract. This one-of-a-kind concentrated ginger extract offers the lowest dose available on the market (75-125mg) with high bioavailability and excellent solubility and stability for easy formulation. It also boasts a clean label with no excipients or fillers.

GingerT3™ is the only low-dose, fast-acting ginger extract available
with this unique compositional profile.

What sets it apart from the rest? This broad-spectrum ginger is created using TWO unique processes. First, key compounds found in the ginger oleoresin are extracted and concentrated.  These compounds are known to inhibit specific pain receptors and inflammatory enzymes. Second, GingerT3™ takes it to the next level by fermenting the non-oleoresin portions of the ginger Rhizome which increases their bioavailability and stability. It can easily be formulated into gummies, chews, capsules, tablets, powders, functional foods and beverages.

A Digestive Aid for Joint Health?

Many people know ginger as a digestive aid, soothing upset stomachs, and decreasing nausea.  But more and more research is pointing to the amazing joint health benefits ginger can provide. Key classes of compounds found in ginger, including Gingerols, Shagaols, Paradols, Gingerdiones and Terpenes, inhibit THREE (Where GingerT3™ gets its name!) powerful targets in the body that can cause joint discomfort: TRPV1, 5-LOX, and COX-2. Specnova has concentrated these important compounds into one powerful ingredient – GingerT3™.

GingerT3™ was developed by Specnova LLC, a biotech company made up of industry experts with a passion for discovering and developing extraordinary ingredients found in nature. Specnova pioneers new ways to discover traceable natural ingredients and develop them into research-backed, proprietary branded ingredients that exceed consumers’ expectations.

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