NooGandha, a liposomal ashwagandha extract standardized to withanolides and key alkaloids marketed by Specnova, was linked to mood and cognitive health benefits in a suite of unpublished studies conducted by a team of researchers at Texas A&M University. Each study was completed earlier this year.

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An excerpt from the article “NooGandha is a clinically studied, next generation ashwagandha with a unique compound composition that is proven to have novel cognitive benefits compared to any other ashwagandha extracts in the marketplace,” said Sebastian Balcombe, founder of Specnova. “What makes NooGandha revolutionary is not just the level of total ashwagandha withanolides – which is validated through the USP-HPLC method to be higher than competing ashwagandhas. NooGandha stands apart in overall unique compound composition including other classes of natural plant bioactive compounds outside of the withanolides class, such as key alkaloids. NooGandha uniquely leverages ashwagandha’s natural plant matrix components for optimal stability and absorption.”